Currently we deliver our merchandise through the NEW MAIL.

The timespan of delivery depends on the timeliness of delivery by NEW MAIL. The transfer of merchandise to NEW MAIL occurs twice daily. Orders placed from 9AM to 2PM are mailed the same day after 3PM, and orders placed after 2PM are mailed after 11AM the next day.

Delivery is free with orders starting at 500 hrn in a single parcel, mailed to the nearest postal office in your city.

Delivery of parcels under 500 hrn to the nearest postal office in your city occurs at the customers expense.

Delivery of any parcel for any price to the front door of the customer occurs fully at the customers expense (When filling out the form on the website make sure to provide an accurate delivery address!).

Pick up available only in the Kiev area.

Payment for merchandise occurs via a taxed payment through the NEW MAIL.

Payment for pick up occurs via cash or through privat24 at the time of transfer of merchandise.

You can order items that are currently out of stock. Delivery for such items will be completed within a 2 week – 1 month timespan.

For preorders the customer is required to make a 25% prepayment from the full order price. The exact payment due and methods of payment will be communicated to the customer by the manager on the day the order is processed. All other terms regarding delivery, payment and discounts remain the same.

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