ImmunoWell®, 24 capsules

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Strengthening of immunity during cold and flu seasons and in the presence of various inflammatory processes

Prevention or treatment of virus and bacterial infections

Process acceleration of recovery and wound healing

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Описание товара

ImmunoWell® is an immunostimulating product, recommended for the prevention of colds, and as one of the elements of treatment during infectious and inflammatory diseases and in the recovery period. It stimulates the body’s own defenses, has an anti-inflammatory effect due to each of its components: echinacea, zinc, selenium and vitamin C.


  • Reasonable combination of active ingredients
  • Vast scope of application
  • Natural plant raw materials which are grown on the own fields
  • Reasonable price from Ukrainian manufacturer

The main component is Echinacea purpurea, an immunomodulator of plant origin. It is a strong health product, which helps to struggle with many infections and inflammatory diseases, acting as a natural antibiotic, and at the same time being one of the most effective plant stimulator of the immune system. The beneficial effect of Echinacea is caused by the high content of hydroxycoric acids in it, which support the adaptive potential of the organism and have antimicrobial properties. The immunostimulating properties of Echinacea is caused by the content of polysaccharides, which are able to envelop cells of the mucosa and protect them from bacterial aggression. This effect of Echinacea is especially important during the “cold and flu seasons”, when the risk of respiratory infections increases dramatically.

Selenium and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are two important microelements with a pronounced antioxidant effect. They protect the skin, fight against the intake of heavy metals into the body and generally hinder the aging of the body, increase the resistance of the body to diseases, increase the production of leukocytes and protect them from the free radicals that are formed during the fight against infection.

Zinc supports the activity of antibodies, leukocytes and hormones, which increases the body’s resistance to infections and promotes wound healing.

“ImmunoWell®” is recommended for immunity and working capacity improvement, as well as in complex therapy of infectious inflammatory diseases of nasopharynx and mouth cavity, ARVI and influenza, to improve the activity of non-specific defense reactions of the body against infections of the respiratory and urinary tracts, as an adjunct to long-term antibiotic therapy.


Dry extract of Echinacea100 mg
zinc gluconate – (zinc -8 mg)60 mg
ascorbic acid70 mg
sodium selenate0,044 mg

Dosage and Administration:

For adults and children over 14 years: 1 capsule 1-4 times a day before meals. A capsule should be washed down with water. Duration of administration is 14 days; a longer administration should be agreed with a doctor.


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